Friday, May 22, 2009

Meeting Minutes 5.21.09

Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 7:00 pm

Park Representative: Kara Donaldson, Park Supervisor

I. Kara welcomed us and introduced herself as the new supervisor of Hamlin.

a. In attendance were roughly 20 people representing the DFA.
b. Thank you to Gary Overstreet, Craig Anderson and Rebecca Zeni for approaching the park and setting up the meeting!

II. History

a. Distributed during the meeting was a packet describing how DFA’s are formed.

b. On the cover of this packet were the CPD Rules for DFA’s:
i. Owners are legally responsible for their dogs
ii. Owners must remain with and watch their dogs at all times
iii. Dogs must be leashed prior to and upon leaving the DFA. Gates must remain closed except when entering and exiting.
iv. Owners must immediately clean up after their dogs
v. Aggressive dogs are prohibited
vi. Dogs must be healthy, fully immunized, licensed, etc.
vii. No dog is allowed unless it has a current rabies vaccination
viii. Dog owners are responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of the DFA
ix. Each dog visiting must have a DFA permit
x. DFA permits are valid for 12 months
xi. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
xii. Only three dogs per person allowed
xiii. Puppies under four months and female dogs in heat are prohibited
xiv. Failure to comply with regulations can result in a fine up to $500

c. The issue of kids in the park was raised by everyone present:
i. Kara is making a larger sign for the park with this rule.
ii. Kara is contacting the baseball association regarding kids coming into the park during baseball games.
iii. Park security will be notified regarding this issue.
iv. When we are at the park and kids wander in, we are to immediately tell them that they need an adult or have to leave.
v. If the children do not leave we are to flag down the police car that patrols the park.
vi. Kara suggested calling 911 if it continues to be an issue.

III. Improvement Ideas

a. On the list for our meeting: drainage, water source, replacement of pea gravel, storage box for tools, kiosk, dog bag dispensers
b. Any other ideas?
c. CPD has no money for any improvements to the park - we will have to raise any money that is needed for these improvements. Then we will have to work with CPD approved contractors to carry the projects out.
d. Simple maintenance items can be put on work orders by Kara
e. Pat Howard has ideas regarding better drainage in the park and will talk with Kara. She is going to try to get a backhoe for our use one day for these efforts.
f. The more proactive we are as a group regarding park maintenance, the better it will be and over time CPD will become more involved as well.
g. If we were to build a kiosk, that could be installed by the regular landscape crew without extra money or trouble.

IV. Fundraising Efforts

a. CPD has no money
b. A campaign for reaching out to the Alderman and local neighborhood groups will be created and implemented in coming meetings(Roscoe Village CC, Hamlin Park Neighbors, etc.).
c. Kara suggested working with Parkways Foundation in fundraising efforts so that money raised would fall under their 501 (c)(3) and tax exempt status.

V. Further Discussion

a. It was decided to move forward in officially setting up a recognized group for working with the Park District.
b. An initial slate of officers was elected, with plans for adding more as our group’s goals took shape (events coordinator, community relations, etc)
i. President: Craig Anderson (Gracie’s dad)
ii. V-P: Rebecca Zeni (Gus’s mom)
iii. Secretary: Heather Clark (Boomer’s mom)

VI. Park Clean-Up on June 6th at 10 am

a. Contact Rebecca Zeni for information (708-466-2041,

VII. Next Meeting is June 30th at 7 pm in the park building